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About the time difference data of “World Clock” – for iOS

Fundamentally, our “World Clock” app doesn’t have any time difference data in it. “World Clock” inquires time difference to iOS, so our app shows you the time which is based on the data of iOS.

For this reason, although there are very few cases, the time difference data is not updated on iOS side when the government of each country changes the standard time, and as a result, the time of “World Clock” could be not correct.
Also, if you are using an older version of iOS, the latest time difference data may not be reflected, and a different time may be displayed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to users, but we appreciate your understanding.

If you notice a difference from the actual time in our “World Clock”, there is a means to determine whether the cause is due to iOS time difference data or a bug in our “World Clock.”
It is to check the iOS standard “Clock” app.
Please add the same city in the iOS standard “Clock” app, and check if the time matches our “World Clock”.
If the time is the same, then our “World Clock” is considered to be working as specified.
If the time is different between the iOS standard “Clock” and our “World Clock”, I’m sorry to trouble you, but please contact RandyApps.
Thank you.