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Time Bar

By movement of Time Bar,the time of all cities changes automatically.
  -Upper direction:future
  -Lower direction:past


Come back to current time with current time button.


When you double-tap a Time Bar, you can change the time by a unit for one hour.
If you double-tap a Time Bar once again, you return to a unit for one minute.


Date and time designation

You can designate the date and time directly when you tap the domain of each city.


Editing of the city

The deletion and a sorting of the city is possible when you tap a screen left upper “Edit” button.

img05 img06

Addition of the city

A city list is displayed when you tap “+” button of the screen top right corner.

img07 img08


Q:Is it reflected automatically in daylight saving time?
So, you don’t need to do some special operations when the beginning or ending of daylight saving time.