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The background colors of Daytime and Nighttime

We added a new feature, namely the background colors of daytime and nighttime, to the “World Clock” app Version 2.3.

This feature shows you whether it is daytime or nighttime by the changing background color of each city.
For example, if you scroll up your iPhone’s screen to advance the time in Tokyo forward, the background color of Tokyo changes from white(daytime) to gray(nighttime).

In version 2.2, we provided the color bar feature of daytime and nighttime.
However, we decided to change this feature because it is not so easy to distinguish between daytime and nighttime.
The changing background color makes it very easy to differentiate daytime from nighttime.

You can try this new feature by going to the settings of the application.

We hope that our “World Clock” app can reduce your trouble about timedifferences.
Thank you!