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How to use “Handy Outfit”

View Item

You can create and edit item categories freely.
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Photo-2015-08-24-18-37-57_7904 Photo-2015-08-24-18-41-03_7905

You can enter data when you tap “Name”, “category”, “Memo” in the item details screen.
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Photo-2015-08-24-18-48-43_7908 Photo-2015-08-24-18-51-23_7909

Add Item

An item can be added from your camera or album.
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View Outfit

You can edit outfit’s category in the same way as in the item’s category.
Would you like to see some sample categories?

Photo-2015-08-26-21-18-13_7923 Photo-2015-08-26-21-19-30_7924

You can also enter “Name”, “Category” and “Memo” in the Outfit details screen in the same way as in the item details screen.
Photo-2015-08-26-21-24-12_7927 Photo-2015-08-26-21-26-11_7928

If you tap the “copy outfit” button, a new copy will be created and displayed on the screen along with the existing copy of your outfit.
Using the new copy, you can remake your outfit by replacing or adding some items.
Photo-2015-08-27-20-41-36_7939 Photo-2015-08-27-20-45-05_7940

If there are some items which were deleted after you made the outfit, those items are not displayed with the message below.
Please tap “OK” button, and you will be directed to the Create Outfit screen.

Create Outfit

You can create your outfit by tapping “+” button at the bottom of the screen.
Photo-2015-08-27-20-31-53_7934 Photo-2015-08-27-20-48-46_7941

Photo-2015-08-27-20-54-21_7942 Photo-2015-08-27-20-59-11_7943 Photo-2015-08-27-21-04-42_7944

If you tap “Edit” button at the bottom of the screen, you can delete and rearrange items.
Please tap “×” button if you want to delete the item.
And please drag the item if you want to rearrange it.
Photo-2015-08-28-20-20-38_7951 Photo-2015-08-28-20-24-45_7952

Photo-2015-08-28-20-27-11_7953 Photo-2015-08-28-20-28-31_7954